Insight You Can Act On

Moonshot Alerts provides real-time curation of events and signals of cryptocurrency unit and token price movement. We send these alerts directly to you so they can be acted on before the general market.

Separate The Signal From The Noise

Our solution uses industry leading machine learning and data science techniques to identify price movement events and provide automatic recommendations on how to interpret and act on the data.

Engineered For Perfection

Our team of software engineers, data scientists, quantitative analysts, and financial analysts, are constantly reviewing and back testing our service and data to ensure high performance, minimum latency, and accurate recommendations.

Product Features

Alerts Where You Want Them

We provide Moonshot Alerts across multiple communication channels to be where you are. Whether you are on Discord, Twitter, SMS, or email (coming soon!), we have a service level right for you.

Crazy Fast

What good would an alert system be if it was slow? Our platform pushes alerts sub-seconds after a signal is identified*.
(* under normal network conditions).

Cloud Native

Cryptocurrency prices can change at anytime. Being a cloud native platform always us to provide near 99.9% reliability to ensure delivery of alerts.

White Glove Service

You have questions, we have answers. We take immense pride in our services and our members. Our team is available around the clock to support and provide you insight.

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