Thinking about joining Team Moonshot? Here's what a few of our members have to say:

"Small stack, medium stack, big stack; it really doesn't matter what you have. Moonshot gives you the house edge, with information I most certainly couldn't and wouldn't have the time to gather on my own. The excellent hands-on community is an added bonus, always offering insightful information, or filling in others on potential coins to invest in. I've made my initial investment back and then some! Also, did I forget to mention that Donny is an absolute legend when it comes to the cryptosphere? Listen to what he says. You won't regret it." - @ShadesOfCrypto on Twitter
"[When I] Joined the Moonshot group and I thought I wouldn't be able to get the most out it as my day job stops me from checking the alerts and chats all the time. But even with part time involvement, I have already made back my fees many times over! I'm excited to what I can achieve when I can spend more time in the group." - @cryptojack888 on Twitter
"I'm truly impressed with the Moonshot Bot as it provides me with instant notifications on the latest news in the crypto market, which of course can be extremely profitable as I have discovered." - @abnico101 on Twitter
"Hands down the best experience I've had in crypto. Beyond money making, the amount I have learned on the market’s psychology and strategies to read it are priceless." - @crypto_lord1 on Twitter